How to Add Custom Google Fonts to Your Tumblr Theme

In addition to our curated selection of popular fonts, you can select from over 700 Google Fonts to customize your theme. Adding a custom font is easy without having to insert an embed code.

Screenshot of how to search for Google Fonts

Go to Google Fonts and search or browse for your favorite font.

Screenshot of a Noto Serif font at Google Fonts

Remember the name of the font, we’re going to use Noto Serif.

Screenshot of how to edit your Tumblr theme

Make sure you’re logged in to Next, go to your blog and click Edit theme.

Screenshot of how to add custom fonts

Scroll down to the field labeled Custom fonts. Enter font name and add quotation marks. For example 'Noto Serif'.

Screenshot of how to add Goolge Fonts

Now go down to the field labeled Google Fonts, enter the font name and quotation marks there as well.

Screenshot of how to add italic, bold and bold italic styles

If you want to use the italic, bold and bold italic styles, add them after the font name (only in the Google Fonts field). For example 'Noto Serif:400,400italic,700,700italic'.

Screenshot of how to save your customized Tumblr theme

You should now see the font in the preview area. Click Save for it to go live on your Tumblr blog.

If you’re having any difficulties after following the above steps, don’t worry. We’re here to help, contact us at

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