How to Install Your Tumblr Theme

Follow our step-by-step guide below to have your new theme up and running in minutes.

Screenshot of how to copy your new Tumblr theme code

Start by copying your new theme code from the page containing your purchased theme.

Screenshot of how to edit your Tumblr theme

Make sure you’re logged in to Next, go to your blog and click Edit theme.

Screenshot of how to edit your theme html

Click Edit HTML, this will edit your current theme.

Screenshot of how to delete your current Tumblr theme

Select your current theme code in the field and delete all of it.

Screenshot of how to paste your new theme code

The field must be empty. Now paste your new theme code into the field.

Screenshot of how to update the preview of your theme

Click Update Preview. Now the fun part, click the Back Arrow to begin to customize your theme. Any customizations you make won’t show up on your live blog until you hit Save, feel free to play around.

Screenshot of how to save your customized Tumblr theme

When you think it looks stunning, click Save. That’s it. Your new theme is now live on your Tumblr blog.

If you’re having any difficulties after following the above steps, don’t worry. We’re here to help, contact us at

Getting started